Welcome to the Thinkers' Dinners site

So just what are Thinkers' Dinners?

They are a series of round table dinner events designed to promote, sustain and enhance long term relationships. Providing a safe, non-sales environment enlivened by a sense of fun. The concept was invented by Chris and the dinners have been running since 2008, with various themes.

We seek to educate and entertain one-another in a comfortable, intellectually stimulating environment, free from any need to be on your guard

Where and who?

Regular TDs take place roughly twice each year, they are hosted and organised by Chris Bartlett

Thinkers' Dinners generally take place at a central London restaurant, usually in a private space, with varied cuisine.

Over the years a wide range of interesting guests have joined the Thinkers; you may have heard of some of them ...


Website Update

After a long wait, the website has now been updated to reflect the most recent TD, which was XVI, on 26th February 2014 with the theme of Letters to Love and the link will take you to a resources page where you can see some of what we discussed and find materials and related links.

A picture of some things associated with Thinkers Dinners

Tempus Cogitatum

In honour of our 6th anniversary, our signature scent is now in a smart new presentation, just in time for Christmas:

Tempus cogitatum, is a fine fragrance created exclusively for Thinkers' guests. The unisex cologne is designed to capture the spirit of TD: intelligence, clear thought and a little bit of showing off . . .

Website Extras

I've added pages linking to two reports into the 7/7 bombings in London and this remarkable assessment of radiation exposure risks.

Coming Soon ...

The next in the regular series, Thinkers XVII, will be in early November 2014 marking our 6th anniversary - the theme will be Impossible.

The Spirit

Thinkers' Dinners are all about the conversation.

The Details

Good food, good wine and, most of all, good company are the watchwords

It is forbidden for anyone to sell or attempt to sell anything to anyone at the table, although talking shop is encouraged

There are exercises for the little grey cells, eclectic facts, quotations and trivia, but absolutely no points or scores

Some of the matters explored relate to the theme for the evening. Guests are invited to interpret the theme in any way they like and to bring along any snippet related to it that might amuse or improve fellow guests

We always take a look at this-day-in-history, in a light hearted quiz style led by Chris

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in sponsoring a Thinkers' Special or one of the regular series please contact us.

Each dinner is kept purposely small and compact enough for a lively conversation that includes everyone present; as a result it can sometimes be difficult to include all those who would like to attend; however if you have the intellectual capacity and, most of all, the sense of fun required to be a Thinker please contact us.

New blood is always welcome and you are sure to have a pleasant evening, learn some random things and likely to make some interesting new contacts.