Some Themes we have discussed

Past Thinkers' Dinner themes have included:

  • Counter-intuitive Statistics
  • Ridiculous Explanations
  • Pointless Instructions
  • Significant Numbers
  • Unintended Consequences
  • Predictive Literature
  • A Failure of Reason
  • Words Fail Me
  • Curious Revolutions

The Theme for Thinkers' Dinner XI, on 17th November 2010, was Historical Truth

The Theme for the Thinkers' Special Dinner on 25th January 2011 was Burns Night

Thinkers' Dinner XII, on 8th February 2011, was To Die For

Thinkers' Dinner XIII, on 22nd June 2011, was Fame and Infamy

There was a Thinkers' Special on September 15th 2011 with the theme Nowhere to Hide

Thinkers XIV, which marked our 3rd anniversary, took place on 7th November 2011 with the theme of The Flashback and was an excuse to take a second look at materials from a selection of earlier themes.

Thinkers XV, on 18th December 2012 with the theme of Fine and Dandy

Thinkers XVI, on 26th February 2014 with the theme of Letters to Love

As you can see, our themes tend to be capable of more than one interpretation and we encourage as broad a range of views as possible.