Web Extra - Reports into the 7/7 Bombings

Anatomy of a Terroist Attack

The exceptionally open nature of the Inquest into the deaths of the victims of the London transport bombings has brought into the public domain a lot of new information. This has provided the inspiration, and some of the material, for a new report for the Royal United Services Institute, by Rachel Briggs, Jennifer Cole, Margaret Gilmore and Valentina Soria

Margaret is a regular Thinker and kindly provided me with a copy of the report, Anatomy of a Terroist Attack, and permissino to provide copies for download here (just click the title to do so).

For my part, I was particularly interested to see the analysis concerning the Security and Intelligence Committee (see page 22 of the report), which should give credibility to the idea that the review of it's functions and oversight needs to result in measures to strengthen it - something I have long called for.

The Inquest Itself

The Right Honourable Lady Justice Hallett D.B.E. has also released her report and recommendations following completion of the Inquest and that is available through the special Inquest Site set up for the purpose

to quote from the concluding statement:

... these proceedings have gone much further than simply recording the sad fact that 52 innocent members of the travelling public were unlawfully killed in a dreadful act of terrorism.

We have explored in detail the circumstances of the deaths of each of the 52 individuals and the adequacy of the emergency response.

We have examined the background of Mohammed Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Hussain and Jermaine Lindsay, the extent to which any of them had previously come to the attention of the authorities and how they were assessed by the Security Service.

We have unearthed material which has never previously seen the light of day. We have caused organisations to reassess their own systems and to acknowledge that, despite improvements already made, more may be possible.

It has also stretched the boundaries of what Inquests can do and, perhaps, altered the balance between secrecy and transparency.

Another Perspective

I shall be seeking introduce some of these matters into the discussions at the Thinkers' Dinner XIII in June, with our usual focus on history and the broadest of human contexts.