Resources for Thinkers' Dinner XVI - Letters to Love

The sixteenth in our regular series of dinners was held on 26th February, at a venue we had used once before Bistro 51 at the St James' Court Hotel, with a theme of Letters to Love. The theme was carried through into one of the gifts for our guests, which was a book called Love Letters of Great Women by Ursula Doyle

We looked at a few other kinds of letter too, including several taken from Letters of Note
Letter of Shame Template
Here are pdf files of some of the letters with notes for context:

Portrait Thought to be Christopher Marlowe

As always we took a look at this-day-in-history and found some items of particular interest:
  • In 1845 British troop ship HMS Birkenhead sank off the African coast with the loss of >450 lives. The disaster is the first recorded instance of the “women and children first” rule of evacuation, prompting a discussion about Kipling's writing on the subject of the Birkenhead Drill.
  • In 1564 A boy who would later become famous as playwright, poet, heretic, spy and homosexual - Christopher Marlowe - was baptised in Canterbury, his date of birth is not know.