Special Thinkers' Dinners

Occasionally we have a Special Dinner in addition to the regular series

Thinkers' Dinners are normally held on a roughly twice yearly cycle, with a similar format. Additionally we hold a few Thinkers' Specials in addition to this regular cycle. The first in 2009 was a small affair, held at Ken Lo's Memories of China with no theme. More recently some more structured Specials have been held:

The Theme for the most recent Thinkers' Special Dinner held on 15th September 2011 was Nowhere to Hide and it was sponsored by Callcredit, Public Sector Solutions.

The Theme for the previous Thinkers' Special Dinner on 25th January 2011 was Burns Night and it was sponsored by Alpine.

Thinkers' Specials are often sponsored by different companies and to different degrees. If you would like a Thinkers' Special arranged to suit your personal or corporate needs, please contact us and we can discuss the details with you.